Your business doesn`t have to be a new idea - but good business, good research, planning, financing and hard work all contribute to making your business idea a success story.

Have you researched your idea. Do you know?

  • Your target market
  • Your potential customers
  • Your target markets' needs
  • When/Where they will buy your product/service
  • How will your customers find you
  • What is your competition doing

A Business Plan will help you focus your proposed business venture and should include:

  • A summary
  • The market and competition - your research
  • Promotion and pricing - how you are going to get your business
  • Management - is it you, your experience, who is involved?
  • Operations - the structure of the business
  • Finances - your cashflow forecasts
  • Financial Requirments - how much money do you need

Keep your business plan short and to the point.

We are able to assist with the preparation of business plans, whether for a new or established business or obtaining finance for acquisitions.