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HMRC has the power to inspect business premises and have established a penalty structure based on subjective 'reasonable care' clauses. It also uses the more efficient aspect enquiry to enable inspectors to target a greater number of taxpayers than before in order to identify non-compliant tax returns. HMRC's approach has the potential to result in lengthy investigations which can be complicated, and require our involvement.

The consequences and penalties associated with HMRC enquiries can be hard-hitting, therefore we believe that having the peace of mind by providing for professional fees is essential. We can focus our time and effort entirely on your investigation and you won't have to worry about expenses.


What does our scheme offer?

  • The equivalent of up to £75,000 of professional costs per incident resulting from HMRC investigations or disputes for both full and aspect enquiries, pre-disputes, reviews, compliance checks, or interventions.
  • The security of knowing that we can dedicate all the time and resources we need to represent you and you won't have to worry about our fees.
  • The knowledge that you are dealing with your own accountants rather than a stranger who doesn't know you or your affairs.
  • Peace of mind. Our scheme has been set up for us by Taxwise Services Limited, part of the Peninsula Business Services group, with over 30 years' experience.
  • Access to the Taxwise and Peninsula Business Services Health & Safety, Employment Law and Business Law Helplines for all clients.


The Taxwise Helplines

The Taxwise Helplines are the most comprehensive telephone advice lines available in the UK. Fully staffed by Taxwise and PBS professional advisors and experts, the helplines provide access to clients of all types and sizes in the following areas of concern:

  • employment and personnel HR issues such as employment regulations, contracts, disciplinary and dismissal procedures
  • health and safety advice and assistance in ensuring a better quality working and living environment
  • commercial legal issues, including contract law, tort, civil litigation, criminal law and procedure, family law, intellectual property, consumer law, probate matters, commercial and company law, landlord and tenancy disputes, consumer protections and licensing, copyright and patents.


We believe that the peace of mind gained from having this cover in place is important and we recommend to all our clients that they join our Fee Protection scheme.


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